A thousand thoughts do run through me,
A few find their way to my lips,
A thousand thoughts, a thousand feelings,
All lying within me, in bits and strips.
A thousand words, a thousand smiles,
A thousand moments, which keep me alive,
Oozing love from dawn to dusk,
A thousand laughs, in which I thrive.
From the hair on my head, to the nail of my toe
This system is in love, which makes it all glow,
A thousand lamps can't outshine her eyes,
From my dreams to my arms, the journey seems so slow...


Like an anchor sails my soul,
In a whirlpool of imperfections,
As if Poseidon in all His fury,
Just tries to blow me away,
Calm and quiet, I try to tame the tide,
Holding the bay, till the sky is grey.

When the bow broke, within my arms,
When Venus sought shelter from Mars,
When the sky turned blue, in an unknown trance,
Cupid once again had its prey.

Bleeding romance, a rose without thorns,
Anger like a Taurus, devoid those horns,
Color to embarrass even the unicorns,
A living Cleopatra would have been put to dismay.

The veins of a metal oozes love again,
The poetry of a soul starts rhyming again,
The rainbow of a heart signs the end of rain,
A hope again glitters, a hope to stay.